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Dedicated to you.

STEPS puts students first

Our Unique Approach to Tutoring and College Advising sets us apart from existing companies


Our young tutors and advisors are able to successfully connect with students to unlock their full potential and spark intellectual curiosity. This is unlike other organizations where tutors and advisors are often much older. 


Unlike other organizations, students will be paired with a single tutor/advisor that best fits his/her unique needs for the long-term, allowing for a true connection and maximizing the student's learning. 


"Students don't adapt to us. We Adapt to the Student" is our motto. We are dedicated to developing a personalized plan for each student. Moreover, scheduling and location is flexible to best suit your needs.


Our tutors have successfully aced the same course that their student is currently enrolled in, often even at the same school!  Similarly, our advisors are college students who recently completed the application cycle with tremendous success. 


Our prices are significantly cheaper than those of other existing organizations. Feel free to compare yourself! Moreover, as a nonprofit organization, we are not profit-driven, ensuring that you will receive services of the highest quality.

Learn more with our free consultation

At STEPS, we offer a free consultation for all interested families as an effort to get to know each individual student and what they are seeking. This also is a great opportunity for families to learn more about how STEPS can help. We also offer a non-binding sample session for all interested students. This sample class requires no contract nor any long-term agreement. Instead, it serves as a means for you to assess whether STEPS is the right fit.

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