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Help fuel our mission

S.T.E.P.S. relies on donations for our day-to-day operations and expanding our business presence. All our profits go towards fulfilling our nonprofit vision, so donations from you are essential for our success. Please consider making a contribution of any amount today! 

We appreciate your generosity

Please note that PayPal is our least preferred payment method. PayPal deducts a 2.2% commission plus $0.30 per transaction. Although we still appreciate PayPal donations, we recommend writing a check to make the most out of your donation.

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Make checks payable to: STEPS, Inc.

Please send checks to:
9805 Morning Choice Court

Ellicott City, MD 21163

Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me provides you with a convenient alternative to donating! If you can't donate, we completely understand. Regardless, our Go Fund Me page is easy to share - please help spread the word!


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