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Our Mission

The problem we're tackling

Education has become a very profitable industry. Let's face it - it's targeted towards those who can afford it. This leads to structured, expensive, and bureaucratic organizations that fail to cater to each student’s needs. This cookie cutter mold is not ideal for students seeking quality learning experiences. Not enough is being done to ensure that underprivileged students have the resources, knowledge, and skills to take part in the technology industry that is our nation’s future. Many current outreach programs struggle in finding up-to-date technology and donations to support their curriculums and for students to keep. Solving this problem is critical for inspiring the next generation of students/leaders and promoting equal access to opportunity.

Why our solution works

STEPS challenges the current structure of tutoring businesses by applying a business approach to fulfill a nonprofit vision. STEPS offers affordable personalized one-on-one tutoring and college advising platform by fostering long-term peer-to-peer relationships. Our curriculums are constantly modified for each student to match the student's pace, hence our motto “Students don’t adapt to us, we adapt to the student.” STEPS is driven by a volunteer force-- this allows us to donate nearly 100% of revenue towards improving education in underserved students. We are translating the huge growth potential of the education market into a positive impact in underprivileged communities to ultimately solve the problem of lack of access to up-to-date technology and STEM resources in the learning environment. Through partnerships with existing outreach programs and schools that serve underprivileged communities, we are solving the problem one STEP at a time.

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