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STEPS Gives Back

Currently accepting proposals for the STEPS for Support Grant!

About the grant

STEPS is excited to announce that we are offering grants worth up to $1,500 to any nonprofit organization that reflects our goal of combating the educational disparities that hinder the potential of thousands of students.
The selected organization must offer educational programs that target underprivileged communities as well as be able to demonstrate impact within their community.

With the grant money, the selected organization is expected to use the funds to provide educational services and/or resources for marginalized groups or other ventures relating to STEM.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

What we're looking for

Nonprofit organizations with traction and wide reach within their community (ex. large social media following, impact to-date, etc)
Offer programs/resources that help combat educational disparities in marginalized communities
Organizations active for at least a year prior to the date of applying

Ready to apply? Fill out our form below.

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Organization Information

What does your organization do? Provide details about your programs and their impact on your community. (200 word max)

Provide a justification for the funds that you are requesting. If awarded the full amount requested, how would you use these funds? (200 word max)

How has your organization changed to adapt to the pandemic? Provide specific details about these changes and on how will you continue to adapt to the pandemic (e.g. offering programs that were formerly in-person now online) (200 word max)

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