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What is STEM and Why Should You Care?

he acronym “STEM” gets thrown around a lot, and for good reason.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The acronym is simply a reference to these 4 fields of study, which are all integral to our understanding of the world. Our fundamental view of the universe is built upon these fields, as they have guided us towards where we are today and will continue to guide us into the future.

Building the Future

Breakthroughs in the STEM fields help us find out new things about the universe and/or help us find ways to improve our lives for the better. The fields of STEM can help us develop new ways of understanding our universe and how to better utilize the limited resources we have right now. This would allow us to live better lives while we are still on this planet, and hopefully provide us with enough time to expand beyond the boundaries of our planet.

With more students in STEM education, we can have access to more diverse minds around the globe, contributing their perspectives that we may never have known if we didn’t provide them with STEM education. There is a saying that the smartest person in the world may not have been Albert Einstein or any other significant person in history, but it may have been some random person that was never able to fully realize their potential because of a lack of access to education.

Why You Should Care

If you are a parent, pushing your child(ren) into the STEM field can provide many opportunities for them to learn and see what field they take interest in. Any of the fields in STEM provides a long path to a successful future for them, but also for the world because they would be paving the way for breakthroughs that improve the way we live.

By pushing them into these fields, you may spark their interests in these fields and allow them to pursue these interests into the future. It is important that you help expose them to these fields to help them understand the foundations and principles that are key to our world. Even if they do not continue in these fields, exposure to this information will always be useful!

Our children are at the forefront of our future, so pushing them into these fields will help them drive all of us into a brighter future. You can help spark their passion by pushing them to participate in more science activities, such as fairs or competitions! Any step is helpful in pushing them into the STEM fields, no matter how small those steps are.

If Your Child(ren) are Struggling with STEM

STEM fields aren’t going to be easy for everyone. If you have a child that is struggling with STEM, feel free to schedule a consultation with us at STEPS to see how we can help! We offer tutoring for K-8 students that need help with English, Math, and Science! Schedule your free consultation here:

Now go forth and inspire your child(ren) to achieve greater heights for the future!

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