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BA-BS/MD Advising with STEPS

Looking to get accepted into medical school straight out of high school? BS/MD programs might be for you! However, acceptance rates for these programs hover around only 1 to 4%. STEPS has you covered with personalized attention from brainstorming and revising essays to interview preparation. Our advisors will help you build your personal why medicine brand to make your application stand out and maximize your chances of admission!

Succeed with STEPS

Simply put, grades and test scores are not enough for these highly competitive program. You will need to present maturity, thoughtfulness, involvement, and most importantly, a genuine commitment for medicine. Our advisors will provide personalized attention for each student to help them stand out from the competition. By thoroughly understanding each applicant’s interests, motivations, and personalities, we will help you express a coherent narrative, whether you a freshman - junior, or an applying senior. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help and whether STEPS is the right fit for you!

Who our advisors are

All of our advisors are well-versed in the BA-BS/MD application process and have successfully received interviews and have been accepted into some of the most prestigious direct medical programs, including: 

Our Services

Navigating High School (9th-11th grade)

Work with a handpicked advisor year-round to locate the right extracurriculars and develop your personal healthcare brand!

9/10th: $400

11th: $500

With such low acceptance rates, getting into BA-BS/MD programs means starting early. STEPS can help you locate the right extracurriculars, including internships and clubs, and help you excel in these. You will gain valuable advice on how to climb to leadership positions, pick the right classes, and study for standardized testing. We will place an emphasis on healthcare-related  and STEM-oriented activities. With guidance counselors overseeing hundreds of students, and many not even knowing about these competitive programs, we hope to provide personalized mentorship to help you increase your chances of admission to a medical school straight out of high school. 

Essay Services

Detailed essay editing and feedback to ensure that your personal brand shines through articulately

Hourly brainstorming: $35/hr

Review package: by word count

Essays are one of the most important aspects of the college application process. They are one of the few opportunities for your voice to shine through your stories and perspectives. Especially for BS/MD programs, the medical school's supplemental essays can make or break your application. STEPS' advisors will not only revise and edit your essays for grammatical perfection, but also provide detailed comments to amplify the theme and story of your essay. At STEPS, we help students tailor their essay to best depict their voice. By understanding each student's background and goals, our personalized advising will ensure that your essay stands out from the pool. 

Interview Prep, Hourly or Package

Feel more confident and prepared with mock interviews and personalized feedback!

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Firstly, if you received an invitation to interview for BS/MD programs, congratulations! Now, the interview is the only thing that matters for gaining admission. The focus of these interviews is your genuineness, individuality, maturity, and commitment to medicine. Oftentimes, you will have an interview with both the undergraduate school and the medical school, and these happen on the actual campus. With our interview services, we will provide you with questions that have been asked in previous years by pairing you with advisors who have attended interviews at the same programs. We will also provide detailed information about the interview structure and the program to help you stand out from the applicant pool. Our personalize feedback will help to maximize your chances of admission! 

Total Application Review Package

Receive personalized feedback on all aspects of your application to take your application to the next level!


We will review your application from top to bottom including the activities, honors/awards, and common/coalition application essay. Our focus will be on highlighting your accomplishments and involvement in the most impactful manner while still adhering to character limits. We will also provide detailed comments on every sentence of your common app essay and personalized feedback to ensure that your essay stands out from the competition. With help from STEPS advisors, your application will be guaranteed to make a strong impression on admissions officers.

Comprehensive Package

Receive personalized feedback on all aspects of your application to take your application to the next level!

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Everything you need in one package, from building the right school list to brainstorming essays to interview prep. Completely customizable based on what you are seeking. Don't hesitate to contact us and find out if this is right for you! We have your back in maximizing your chances of admission into your dream school. 

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